Post 10, 30 Day Cash In A Flash Challenge, Video Marketing

Video Marketing

When we think of video marketing we usually think of YouTube. As we all know YouTube marketers can get a very very large amounts of traffic. Nielsen figures tell us that 50 billion video’s are streaming out of America in their latest recorded month, and video viewing is up 35%. Mobile video viewing is up 20%

35 hours of video is being uploaded every minute and that is causing a huge amount of competition. Think about that! By the time you finish this competition enough video is uploaded to keep you busy viewing for near a year.

So I guess you are wondering how video marketing can help you make money with your instant pay affiliate programs?

Well, to start with you are going to have to create some AMAZING CONTENT for your videos. Each video is going to have to use focus on pleasure, pain, and persuasion. We talked about these topics in the beginning of the challenge. Whatever you do don’t forget Cialdini’s principles. Let’s get our video viewer to pleasure by empathizing with their pain then supplying solutions that create pleasure instead. Or we want to lead them into their passions.

Now video’s are perfect for affiliate marketing because they pre-sell the product. When you send your video viewer from the video to the product’s sales page, you give them that solution they so desperately seek and on that sales page there is the buy button your video viewer needs. That’s why video’s are such an awesome marketing tool. They provide pleasure and by the time your video viewer gets to the sales page they are more ready to click. That’s just the way we humans are made up pleasure seeks more pleasure.

Here is one example of how you can pre-sell using video’s: Do a series of videos which contain a tip on ‘How To Something’ but point them all to the same exact website sales page. Depending on your topic each of these short videos can give good information and if they optin to your list you can provide them with a bigger video with a LOT MORE TIPS or a very very valuable free report.

Right, now lets talk about what kind of content you can put in a video that would be luring enough to get your video viewer to click through to your site. What is that particular prospect looking for? This task should be easier for us then most because we under stand pain, pleasure, passion and persuasion.

Just think for a moment about who the crowd is we are trying to lure in (and if there is any crossover) and then give them the information that provides a solution. While we want to talk our reader into taking action, we never want to offer them the very best solution in the pre-sell. Instead, save that for the product itself.

Encourage your video viewer into wanting more but never give them what they want until they’ve given you the desired action YOU are looking for (The click on the paypal button).

So, the art is to identify what solution your prospect really requires and that means taking a little time to go that bit deeper into their true motivations. I promise it will pay off in terms of those click-throughs and purchases.

If, for example, I am in the weight loss niche and promoting a diet product, I need to think about all the reasons people want to lose weight and the pay-off they expect from doing so. Those reasons could include:
•Needing to look more attractive for their spouse
•Needing to lose weight due to a health concern
•Needing to feel better about themselves when they look in th mirror
•Needing to resemble themselves at a younger age to fit back into prized clothes
•Needing to be attractive to be more successful
•Desiring pregnancy (think about it *-)
•Wanting to look great for a wedding
•Desiring a healthier lifestyle
•Trying to win back an ex
•Wanting people to treat them better


But what is important to remember about this list is that people who desire these kind of changes are having emotional issues and even fears and turning their emotional wants and desires around all stems on whether or not they can change how they look. With this customer you must address the fear with a solution to their emotional desires.

So here is what you will do with your video (adjust this to your niche). Just create a video that identifies with the fear and give the viewer positive images of the desired result then tell them how your product can produce these same results. You can use images or words, but you must paint a picture in your prospects mind of the change actually happening for them.

Since we started in the weight loss niche, let’s talk about the avenue someone takes to get that desire which is “DIETS”, and for an example of how this works, let us use “appealing to the opposite sex” as the motivation. In order to find the man or woman of their dreams this person will want to turn back into a happy, young, thin person again. Now already it is obvious we are going to be targeting older men and/or women say early 30’s and even men and women in their late 60’s and 70’s. This is a very broad niche and it might be hard to rank. So, you will need to drill down to a narrower niche and to do that you simply scout out forums as before to see what people are talking about. This can be also be done in facebook and in other social media which we will get to in a bit.

Here’s an examle of what you might find if you do this. You might surmize from the forum posts that your niche is actually smaller then I suggested above and its mostly women age 42 to 53 (remember this is just an example)! If you don’t get enough information search google for “niche demographics”.

As you know conversation is the spice of the web so listen with both ears when you are on these excursions and you will be surprised what else you will learn. There are a lot of things you can find this way. Here’s examples of what you may find, “who is cooking at home most of the time”, “who eats out and needs special dieting instructions”, etc.

Making Your Video

Thats a lot of good information so how about creating a series of video’s about cooking 5 minute healthy meals that can be packed and taken with for busy working women on the go. Focus too on how these recipes help not only the weight issues but also the health issues both inside the body and outside as well.
Do you see how you are covering all basis and giving your reader a healthy weight loss product as well.

Creating video’s also requires research:

•Search Magazines
•PLR (make sure it is high quality) try for inexpensive pieces.
•Books (go to the library!)
•Search the Search Engines
•Search Ezine Articles at

You do not EVER COPY, but it is a technique used by all good copywriters called (Sourcing). You simply use the ideas and create your own copy. Sourcing for free pictures is your next step and here are two good sites.

You must check the license at these sites just make sure it tells you that you may use them for anything you wish including commercial and that a link back is not required.

So let me see if I can help you do this as well. Lets look for the foods that support weight loss but also help the skin look more healthy as well. Here’s a list of what I found in a real quick search:


Now its one thing to find it but you also need to provide social proof so gather up some pictures from the sites recommend and show young women who are thin with fresh skin (use your chosen demographic area), and choose authority figures if possible. People enjoy it when they see authority figures proving it can happen with just a little time and work. These ideas come from the principles of influence we talked about before.

More Information About Making Your Video

Use Window’s Movie Maker to actually create your video, it is free to put together the influencing text along with the pictures. Encourage your viewer into buying by providing what they desire. And in return they will click the link in your description at youtube. Reciprocation in play. You give them what they want and they will give you what you want.

Add a voiceover if you like (again a younger woman speaking for the demographic) or just play very appropriate music. It is always nice when I hear music playing very softly in the background while someone is actually speaking to me. I love video’s like that. I’m sure others will too.

Now I upload to youtube and optimize the video (explanation coming soon). At youtube we need what marketers have used for centuries… A CALL TO ACTION; for example: “Click here for the underground secrets of quick and easy weightloss”, and then you want to make sure there’s a link there to your landing or squeeze page. A squeeze page is preferable in this case because this niche can be expanded upon and it is very lucrative. So use the squeeze page software I suggested to you if you decide to try the weightloss niche.

You can also create credibility for yourself by doing a case study video of the product in use. It is always nice for the buyer when they know the claims come from someone who has already tried it. You can make the video using a software called jing, and use a microphone while showing someone on the screen how it actually works. You cannot give away too much of the originators work or break any copyrights but case-study’s are an industry standard and people love them. By doing a casestudy you get your audience excited to try it also and at the same time they will be reassuranced that their money will be wisely spent.

As added value you can even tell your video audience how you used the product more effectively then even the author suggests. Again, you have the upper hand because this is a tip that should cost them money but you gave it freely, and they in return they will be more inclined to return the favor (the law of reciprocity).

The best reviews come from you actually trying out a product, however some vendors supply many tools to affiliates you can use. In addition to that I would do further research online for your source files and use that in your review as appropriate (remember plagarism is a BIG NO NO)

Many marketers create great reviews from the products sales page using facts that add value. Facts are also for authority, and getting people to jump from your call to action into a purchase.

Need a more stable screencast software try camtasia. It comes with a free month. (paid) and an old standby for recording your screen is (also free). Screenflow (for Mac users): (unfortunately it is paid only).

Lastly there is a 3rd way to do videos and may be the best as it gets people’s attention. This is interview or talking heads style. (you go on camera in this case) Don’t panic, you can easily get a friend to do this or hire someone from fiverr (but do make sure they adhere to youtubes rules).

This kind of video is human! If your prospect can see you somehow they relate better to you and believe you more. And talking heads videos tend to viral more often as well. Lots of views mean lots of sales.
When you record your video act as if you’re talking to your friend, or a little sister that you really really really care about. Be clear and sympathetic. How many times has a friend acted upon your recommendation? That is the kind of power you have by doing a talking head video. They listen, they see your sincereity and they act upon it. Done deal.

A great way to do a talking head video is to do a few tips about how the product works. You can start your talking head video by saying something like, “Most people don’t know this but…”

This may go without saying, but please make a note of it anyway, (lol) before you do a talking head video about weight loss, if you yourself are overweight you might not be the best person to do the video and simply do not hire a friend or overweight person from fiverr either. Let’s face it that is why models are hired skinny. If this becomes a real issue then slide video’s using stock images and great text with soft music and a nice voice is the better way to go.

keeping in mind pain and pleasure, lets move on…

Cameras for talking head videos:

Kodak Playsport ZX5 -$109 – $149 approx.
Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera – ever heard of: “Flip Video”? this way better… -approx $115
Sony Bloggie Touch -8 hr cam for $199 approx.

Sony DXG A80V -$299 approx.
HDR-CX130 Sony Handycam Camcorder -approx $500
Canon XA10 HD professional camcorder (this bad boy can run you around $2000…phew nice but wow)


Video Optimization Ad Promotion, A few Thing That Might Surprise You:

Video’s Are Super Good at getting Google Love and They Can And Usually Do Land On The Front Page of Google while your blogs might not. But they need to be optimized and I am going to help you do that.

Top Tips for Optimizing Video’s so They Reach The Top of Google:

1. Use your top keywords in the title of your video seperated by a up down line (your keyboard actually has a key that does this) then name your video and your youtube account the main keyword, your keywords have to be relevant to the topic of course, for example: Fast and Easy Weight Loss, My Top Ten Tips For Weightloss, Eat and Lose Weight.

2. Use Tags – Check other video’s for tags under the keyword you are using as your top keyword.

3. Have a very long description full of keywords, tags and information that can get you listed in the search engines in a few places not just under the one keyword you chose. Also put your url as the first thing in the description and also put it at the end so someone reading this can just click through.

4. Make sure your video’s are public and that you can get comments on them– you want people to comment so that your video becomes very active. The more discussion that takes place, the more youtube loves it and this pushes your video higher on youtube. But also consider that you be more likely to get google love from this as well. An active video discussion is a video getting views. Remember that.

The You Tube Task Everybody Needs to Do:

You do want to do video responses and keep youtube active. YouTube is as much a social site as a video hosting company and they want you to interact with others in your catagory and why not, this gets you a LOT of Exposure.

Here’s how I do video responses effectively:

1. Find a video in your topic with a huge amount of views 5, 6 figure.

2. Click on More Comments.

3. Click on Create a Video Response.

4. Upload a video or use one you have on youtube already.

5. Click on the link and keep this in mind: Your video can only be used once so be selective.

Do this because it is FAST, EFFECTIVE, TRAFFIC to your videos.

YouTube Annotations

Its amazing that more people don’t know this but you can add clickable annotations to your video’s and they will stay on your video for a certain length of time that you control. Yes, Its true. I’m letting the cat out of the bag, annotations promote your other video’s, your playlist and your youtube channel. This is an awesome way to get all your video’s some youtube love.

It’s easy to create an annotation. Just go into youtube and go to your video and you will see the annotation button right above it. When you click there a menu will drop down with the following list

Speech bubbles: popup bubbles with text you insert.
Notes: popup boxes with text you insert.
Title: text overlay as your video title
Spotlight: a highlight! when the viewer moves it text pops up.
Pause: pause the video for a period of time at a specified spot in the video.

another way you can use annotations is to update your video if something changes, thus eliminating your need to create a whole new one. If someone shares your video or you put it on your site or facebook that annotation goes with it, how cool is that!

YouTube Ads

I don’t know why more people don’t use You Tube Ads as you can get keyword targeted visitors and see your youtube ads skyrocket.

It is really the same as any ad network out there and bidding on keywords is just a simple to do. Since Google took over youtube you can bid on keywords right in the adwords admin. You can reach 89% of all population and you pay only if someone views your video.

Sign up for free here if you would like to:

Using these same ads turns your videos into “Promoted Videos” this is HUGE. You’ve seen them right. When you first go on youtube look to the right. Imagine seeing your own video there. Well you could for real!

With paid ads you get the advantage of a what they call a ‘CTA’ or ‘call to action’ ad overlay. This is POWERFUL because your viewer can click right through to your ad right from the video he is watching. Your video!!

Let me give you an example of how powerful this is: If you insert one of the search terms we’ve already talked about into youtube right from the home page, you can see weight loss video’s being promoted on the left side of the youtube page for yourself.

When you go there and click on these video’s you’ll see amazing statistics for these videos, statistics about subscribers and views, statistics just like this: 368,938 subscribers and 68,278,337 views, YIKKEES.

Here’s how someone advertising video’s with youetube paid ads sets up his video channel and how you should too: When someone decides to take advantage of the paid ads on youtube, they will usually be prepared because they know traffic iscoming. They will have many videos in their channel and all of them well optimized and they always always always will have links to their blog and social media This is a great way to intigrate all your marketing efforts together and let youtube be the fuel.

If you get traffic like I just described you’ll be cashin big time and the real treat is that with paid ads it just grows bigger and bigger with time and so does your business and the income it pulls in. Grow a subscriber list with this traffic and wow you’ll be amazed every time you send an email.

Now you have the secret but will you use it until you have enough subscribers to live rather comfortably? It is up to you my friend..

Other Ways To Get Visitor’s To Your Video’s Quickly

1. Add video to facebook, the same ones you’ve already listed on youtube! We’ll share more of this later.

2. Tweet your same video and send it to stumbleupon. Stumbleupon gets more traffic now then facebook so don’t pass it by just because no one is talking to much about it.

3. Use Tube Mogul to send your already created video’s to other video sharing sites. (ensuring you comply with their commercial use terms)

in conclusion here are some other sites like youtube:

To DO: I gave you plenty of time to get a forum campaign going but now you have another form of advertising. Since youtube is so powerful I suggest you get started today. In a few days we’ll be discussing Solo ads. So stay tuned.

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Post 9, 30 Days Cash In A Flash Challenge, Forum Marketing – #1 of The Fast Effective Promotion Methods

Forum Marketing

You might think I am crazy for suggesting that you use the old stand by forum marketing, but truth be told it just works well, and in fact, it works even better today then it ever did before and this just goes to show the power of this method.

So why is it a more effective method today than ever before?

That’s simple – it is person to person interaction and displays feelings, just like social media, when you hang around with someone for awhile you feel comfortable buying from them.

So what are you waiting for? find and join some forums that are about your chosen niche and start interacting. Just make sure you follow the rules. Here’s what to do….

First check and make sure the forum allows commercial link posting and advertising and then dig a little deeper and be absolutely positive that it is general advertising and not just postings
related to the forum. That is extremely important.

You want to start to build relationships with your fellow forum members. You must understand your topic and always keep in mind that your fellow forum marketers are enthusiastic about that topic and some
are even completely passionate. You must be passionate as well.

Your fellow forum members are trying to increase their knowledge about the subject they adore. So be warned, if you can help them find out something new and exciting about that niche then you’ll be a friend for life.

Depending on your topic, you might find them trying to solve a problem. And if you think about our training so far you’ll understand that you’ve found your magic spot for desperation. Where there are desperate people there is great affiliate income.

There are forums for every niche topic you can think of and if you want to jump into body building then you might love the forum at This is a great example of a forum that has been around since the mid 1990’s and it has more then 200,000 members posting about body building information. They talk about training programs, supplements and powders and if you look closely you’ll even see some talking about anti aging.

You will see members putting relevant to the topic links in their signature over at this forum and that is because it is allowed. And there you have the trick to forum marketing. If you share good information, tips and advice in what you write and in the signature you will find yourself making sales. But never ever put an affiliate link in your main content. If you try that you will be sorry as forum members despise that and they will report you and you may get banned from the forum. Be someone people can trust and you will be a great forum marketer.

Here’s how to forum market effectively. Participate for a little while before you put a link in your signature file. When you do finally put your link in make sure that it fits in with this discussions there and it is something that will add value to the other participants lives.

Be absolutely certain you’ve carefully read the rules because some forums even require you to make a set amount of posts before you can add your signature link. As a general rule, you’ll want to link to your landing page when you are doing forum marketing rather than a direct link because the forums want a link to a personal webpage and usually don’t allow affiliate links.

Pick a niche and then start participating in the forums while you are trying to find your instant pay programs and beginning to place them on your blog along with good information. Spend just a few days getting those first important posts on the forum as well and then place a signature file. Then look out because your income could very well explode.

Let’s talk about methods for finding these niche forums:

1. Google it – in the Google search bar type “name of your niche” + forum. You’ll see every every forum in your niche pop up …just about. Follow the links and investigate as we spoke about above and see which ones are a good fit for you.

If you would like to install the Google toolbar you can search by page rank. Google ranks pages from 0-10, the higher the number the more active you will find your forum to be. You can also use the Google toolbar to filter where the sites rank in alexa (a search engine that measures site traffic) and if you have a lot of energy stored up search the member count of each forum from the Google toolbar as well.

Forums are all built by special software on the internet and you can find forums by searching for each individual type of software. Start this type of search by pasting this string into the search area at Google: “powered by [insert name of software]”. Try these types of software Vbulletin, PHPBB and SMF and then search Google for other types as well.

SMF and PHPBB are free, Vbulletin is paid but still very popular. You might just want to stick with Vbulletin if you are looking for very large forums because it is the stable platform the larger forums need to run efficiently. In that case your search would be: “powered by Vbulletin” “NAME OF YOUR NICHE”.

There is a slight chance, that in these larger forums your particular niche might be saturated so check to see how many other people have signatures. If you find this to be true I would be surprised but be diligent in making sure you will get the sales and not spend your time spinning your wheels.

2. There are super boards online that list all kinds of forums in niches and going to one of these super boards is another way to search for a forum on your topic. Directory sites like these give you extra information about each forum and that might be easier for you then searching through the forums for every little detail.

Some of these forum boards include:

The best advice I can give you is BE INTERACTIVE and sometimes shocking, other time INSPIRING, make your fellow forum members cry and laugh without being hypish or crude and be careful not to pick a fight or get angry in a forum. It is very easy for this to happen and then you lose all your credibility as nobody likes a meany or a bully. Do these things correctly and you’ll get more targeted traffic to your offers from real people then you could ever imagine!

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Post 8, 30 Day Cash In a Flash Challenge, Learn About The Instant Cash Market Places

The Marketplaces

What we will discuss today is all of the Marketplace “HUBS”. These are places online where you can find instant cash offers centralized. They are a beautiful addition to the internet marketing scene.

To help you figure out which product you want to promote the various networks will supply you with different tools, and also different ways to search for just the right product.

You also get this at every network: An Affiliate id you will use to promote the products, and an area where you can find out your statistics.

As with other affiliate programs you may have already encountered you most likely will get swipe files, ebook images, banners, keyword lists, and more. Sometimes the networks allow the vendor to provide their own affiliate tools with their products. Other times the networks will provide their own tools that can be used with all of the products in their marketplace.

The best network is one where you have an RSS feed to use. This gives you the ability to dynamically show whichever products you want to show on your site using copy and paste. This is easier if you are newer to affiliate marketing but not as effective in my humble opinion. You will love RapBank because they give you a wordpress plugin to turn the products in their marketplace into ads right on your blog.

The networks I will be providing you with are trustworthy and easy to get started with. Clickbank requires a much more tedious procedure and you will appreciate these networks because of that.

And even though these networks have not been online as long as companies such as Clickbank or Paydotcom or even Ejunky they are actually safer and here is the reason why: Both paydotcom and ejunky allow the vendor to make your payments to you so you must be careful to choose the right product with a trustworthy vendor. With Clickbank you must wait 2 weeks for a paycheck, and here there is a tiny risk of losing that pay if Clickbank should go down (this has never happened that I know of). But, with the instant payment networks this cannot happen.

There is only one thing you must be careful of and that is a rotation system some companies use for payments. This rotating payment system can cause you a delay.

In a rotating payment the vendor gets a payment, then you get a payment, then the vendor and so on like that, notice the vendor gets his payment before you do. There is a much better system and it is known as a split system, you get half, and the vendor gets half. This is instant payments at their best, and you may consider that preferable. In either case you must make refunds if a request comes through. This is a daunting task, but if we are to work on the internet we cannot get around that part no matter how much we may not like it.

Again, if you’d rather get paid fast the straight split commission method is what you want to use as an affiliate.

So Which Marketplace Should You Choose?

That’s Up To You, Read About them Here and Decide for Yourself:


• Around 1648 products.
• Instant PayPal payment.
• Free WordPress Rapbank plug-in.
• Categories such as niche marketing, health and fitness, internet marketing, dating and relationships, ect.
• They have a search bar, a vendor spotlight, a list of featured products, a list of most recently added, and a last commented list. And the most recently added list comes in email to you.
• They have a bonus section and a free report section to help you sell more and if you upgrade you get more of those items but upgrading really is not necessary unless you want to sell on Rapbank.
• You need a Premier PayPal account.

You can sign up for your free account here:

JV Zoo

• Here you will be able to sell using the split method I mentioned above. So if you are promoting something with a high payout and you get one sale, then you get the sale and can stop selling if need be.
• Although they are one of the newest networks, they are run by experts and that is a plus plus.
• Since they are not over ridden with members it is a good idea to sign up now to JV Zoo because it will be easier to promote. You’ll love the user friendliness you’ll find there.
• This company has as special program. When you promote their products every person who looks it over gets tagged to your id. This is nice because if they come back later you get the sale.
• You get sales notifications, tracking, and statistic. You get to see how many clicks and sales you made. This is critical but even more critical to your success is that you get conversion percentage and EPC for each campaign. Again, You need a Premier PayPal account.

You can sign up for your free account here:


• This is just like JV Zoo you have a split commission when you promote products from this network.
• IF you like 100% commissions look no further then DigiResults, plus the products in the DigiResults Marketplace are the highest converting products on the market.
• Andy Fletcher, A Warrior, Owns DigiResults. He improves it constantly and injects new life and ideas into the mix all the time. He is very creative.
• If good Customer Service is your priority then DigiResults is for you too. Receive responses in 24 hours.
• This is a great network to join if you are a newbie, as it is clean and friendly to navigate.
• They have a great direct receipt technology ensuring their customers receive their orders in a timely fashion.

You can sign up for free here:


• The owner of PaySpree likes to think of his network as a combination of RAP meets Paydotcom.
• Payspree doesn’t offer the amount of choices that RapBank does but it has Clickbank similar catagories and you can choose products in that manner.
• They have an extensive knowledge base and a nice customer support ticket system.
• With Payspree you can receive commission in PayPal, AlertPay (Now Payza) or Moneybookers (will be known as Skrill).
• Payspree doesn’t take a percentage of your sales, instead they charge a small service fee on every one of your sales.

Here are the fees:

Transaction Total Service Fee

Up to $4.99 Free
$5-$19 99 $1
$20 and above $2

• PaySpree has lots of 100% pay products and is expanding all the time to give you lots of choices.’

Another good marketplace and you can sign up for your free at:


WarriorPlus is a different kinda marketplace. It is a complement to the Warrior Forum,

Everyone surely has heard of the Warrior Special Offers (WSO) Section of the Warrior Forum. It is full of products to help new marketers get started online.

You can promote these WSOs and make instant affiliate payments. People generally love to buy WSOs so they are easy to sell. If you have a list it is even easier to sell a WSO. But if you don’t have a list, don’t shy away as they are still a good choice for you because of that ease of sale and the methods we will give you to promote are sufficient to turn you into an excellent warriorPlus affiliate.

If you would like to promote WSO’s become a WarriorPlus member which you can do for free by going here:

Then upgrade to Silver Membership for $3.99 per month and that will allow you to be an affiliate promoter of WSO’s.

Go to the main WarriorPlus interface and then click on the Affiliates link to find WSO’s to promote. Once in the Affiliates section you click on the View Available Offers link. Go through the offers you see there to decide if you want to promote one of them. Then in his case, you will need to request to promote the product from the creator of the product and he or she must approve you. Just a little WARNING: You must keep it in mind that it is up to you to request the OTO (or OTOs) link to the product as well, otherwise you you will not be set up to promote it and miss the oto commissions:

There is a section on the request form in WarriorPlus where you can write a note. So if you are new to the Warrior Forum it might be good to introduce yourself to the product owner and explain why you are a good choice as an affiliate.

Most vendors are looking for active forum members so it is advisable that you make quite a few posts before you ask to promote a WSO. 50 is a good number to create credibility in their eyes.
Once you are approved for an offer, you will receive notification by email. You can then go back to the Affiliates section of WarriorPlus and click on “Get Links” to access the links you will use in your promotion:

Next Time the fun begins so I will tell you now how to be prepared! You are going to discover the fastest, most effective methods for promoting any of the products in any of the networks reviewed here today. So Join the ones you find most pleasing and gather up some products. Use the software I gave you to get the product on your site as a squeeze page or a landing page. Advanced Readers! If you were thinking of getting that membership going now is the time just do it.

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Post 7: 30 Day Cash In a Flash Challenge: There Are Other Reasons People Buy Look Here For Some: Persuasion and Its Power

In order to help you get your landing page up or your squeeze page here are two software you can download for free anytime. For the Landing Page Creator software Click Here, For the Squeeze Page Creator Software Click Here

If you are new to creating webpages and funnels I suggest you start with the landing page it is a much smaller learning curve. Go to study about squeeze pages later by searching in google for how to build a squeeze page and funnel.

Today We Are Going To Talk About Some Other Reasons Why People Buy. But Tomorrow We Will Be Looking At the Marketplaces Where You can Go To Get Affiliate Products So Be Sure To Stop By.

Have you ever looked into the psychology of influence and how it pertains to making sales? I think everyone has heard of Dr. Robert Cialdini who wrote the most influential book on it called: “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.”

Cialdini took 30 years to study how people are persuaded and influenced to do things. He states 6 Important principles you need to know before you start to sell anything:

1. Reciprocation: People are indebted to you if you give them something or at least they feel indebted, it doesn’t matter if it is a gift, a good time or something you did to make them feel good.

2. Social Proof: People will look to other people in their age group when trying to decide something – they like the lowdown on what the crowd is doing before hand and to participate in the same way.

3. Commitment & Consistency: People normally do not like to back out if they agree to do something it doesn’t matter what that is. Get someone to agree to something either verbally or in writing and they will most likely do it.

Marketers are a odd group, the older we get the more consistent we get! So in order to get us older marketers into a buying state of mind, you really have to know our old values when making purchases and integrate them in the new ones you are banking on working for the newer crowds. It can be a tough call. That is why many marketers rely on statistics as who the niche is drawing before they make their first moves on marketing. Remember that its important.

4. Liking: If people like you they will usually agree with you. Most people also prefer attractive people (Sad to say), they like someone like themselves or someone who is a compliment to them in some way.

Cialdini even went so far as to say that if a buyers name was similar to the sellers it increases the chance of a sale. This means the more you give your buyers messages they can relate to and be comfortable around the greater your chances of making the sale will be. In other words, know your buyer and do what your buyer likes. Use pictures, words, quotes, and music to accomplish this.

5. Authority: People Like Authority and they Especially Like and RESPECT Experts. This means you must use authoritative images and words as well as testimonials in your marketing. If you do you will see your sales figures sky rocket.

6. Scarcity: If something seems like it is going to disappear quickly or is very old and a rare find people want it badly, the more people want it the greater its value becomes.. So, you’ve got to get scarcity into your marketing efforts. Here is how marketers use scarcity: (1) limited quantities (2) limited time period (3) Limited time price, then increases periodically. Here’s what to do after you are done telling the benefits on your salespage, you then go on to tell the potential for loss. Here’s an example of this: ‘Hurry or you might miss this one time chance to…’. If you have a product no one else does this can get very dramatic and really increase sales quickly.

TODAYS TASK: You are going to need to remember this as you prepare your landing pages and squeeze pages (optin pages) so memorize it now inorder that you never forget it ever again. This way your marketing tactics will always get you sales. By now you should have your micro niche (Specific niche) and have prepared yourself to get started. Now you have your software. If you missed it look above at the red writing. You want to do some research about putting up a website online, choosing whether you will go free or buy a domain and hosting. Look in youtube about “how to put up a html website”. Get those things in order because we are about to choose our product.

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Post 6, 30 Day Cash In A Flash Challenge Direct Linking vs. Landing Pages

Day Six: Cash In A Flash Challenge, Direct Linking Vs. Landing Pages!: http://cmkoch.bizLot’s of people like to carry on about a certain way to do affiliate marketing as if its a new phenominon. They say things like “Direct Linking” just immerged and its taking affiliate marketing to a new level. But the truth be told direct linking has always been around.

It did take a hit when Google banned it from it’s adsense program many moons ago. This was when adsense first immerged, but really that was the only time it sort of disappeared for a little while. But if you are dealing in google adsense this is no reason to fear. All you need to know is that Google doesn’t like to see an offerer just sitting there in the middle of their links with no content above it or around it. If you remember content is king when it comes to Goodle adsense you have nothing to worry about.

So ok, now you are wondering what direct linking really is, right? It’s simple, it’s when your prospect follows your lead to visit something they find enticing and instead of landing on a landing page with content on it, they go straight to the affiliate page with no effort on the part of the advertiser to capture their email information. If you’ve been around internet marketing for some time you will know that most teachers tell their students this… BUILD A LIST, BUILD A LIST BUILD A LIST and therefore always use a landing page. While this is great advice and mostly always the right thing to do they neglect to advise the learner that some niches just stand a better chance at being successful if they are direct linked instead.

Additionally, direct linking is a great way to test an offer before you build a landing page and link it to an autoresponder. I personally recommend you do a direct linking campaign every time to start to work in a new niche just to make sure the niche is worthwhile to you. Some Niches just will never make money for anyone and sadly thats just the way it is.

If you are direct linking say from an article, then you are going to write the article and your resource box (the call to action) in such a way so that your reader knows he’s to buy when he gets to the next page.
And here is how you do that: decide to write your resource box in an empathetic way keeping in mind pain, pleasure and emotional triggers present in the situation that would cause your prospect to go on and click that buy button and get complete satisfation. I.e relief from pain, the sensation of happiness etc.

Products that offer hope and relief to a difficult to handle health situation such as sleeplessness, warts, yeast infections, cellulitis etc, get much more action (sales) when you use direct linking. Here are some ways you can presell and then get people to click on a direct link besides submitting articles: forum posting, blog content, social media work and its especially easy to lead someone to buy something when you presell with video’s. They can read or see someone empathizing with their pain and get immediate solutions and relief simply but clicking once. It is a win, win situation.

At other times, when trying to sell similar items via autoresponder sales slowed. I do not know the reason for this except that the pain is so great they cannot focus or even spend time waiting for the next email to arrive. Again, no matter what niche you choose test for yourself and do what is best for you.

Just think about the times you have been in pain, and imagine someone with ringing in the ears for example. When it hurts it hurts, you want help now, you do not want to wonder when someone is going to finally reveal the link to you. Direct Linking fulfills the need immediately. But also keep in mind that if this solution doesn’t work you’ve probably lost them forever. That’s the risk we sometimes have to take though. So be smart about your Niche and the solution you offer them.

Here is a wonderful topic in this areana: STRESS. In the STRESS NICHE we find many many different products we can promote: relaxing music, physical amazon products, ebooks and more. You will find the niches of food, exercise, and meditation complimentary. That is just one example there are many niches just like stress.

The stress niche and niches similar to stress lend themselves better to a landing page and a email list because these niches can be expanded upon so easily and you can just continue to feed your customer more and more information and products to buy as time goes on.

Don’t forget to cloak your affilaite links if you don’t you will lose many commissions to your competitors. Many people use a company named (Now which offers nice tracking facilities as well. Third party cloaking is not always the best way to go. It probably is a better idea to set up a domain name to redirect to your affiliate program sales page. To learn how to redirect or forward your domain, consult your hosting provider’s support section as each has its own steps to follow.

TODAYS TASK: Decide today if you will use a landing page, squeeze page or direct linking for your chosen niche. Those of you who are experienced in content creation should consider building a membership site and start earning residual income. We will delve into membership sites in greater detail at a later time.

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Cash In A Flash Goal: To Get At Least $50 a Day In Paypal.

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Post 5, 30 Day Cash In A Flash Challenge, Pleasure, Example 2

Day Five: Cash In A Flash Challenge, Pleasure Example 2!: http://cmkoch.bizSince you recently had a divorce you find yourself feeling pretty darn lonely and for awhile friends had suggested you get a pet. One day a dear friend of yours brings over a puppy and you fall instantly in love with it and it seems to help the pain so you decide to keep it.

The Puppy quickly becomes your friend and you are so happy to have it in your life. You want to take care of your fun little friend so you begin searching the internet for things like information on health and nutrition for the specific kind of dog you now own. You decide you need to know how to train him too. Some sites say you should do things to help your pet stay clear of flees so you decide you want to know about that too.

One particular blog you looked at, had some wonderful advice and it seemed to understand just what you need (POWER POINT: A large, yet SPECIFIC niche such as this kind is what you want so you can address your visitors needs with more things that are SPECIFIC TO HIM. He’ll respond because some dog owners love their dogs more then people (END OF POWER POINT).

You start investigating the catagories on the site, follow links, and see things you like, you even sign up to get the free report they have there to see what insider information you get from it. Then you may buy a few things.

Now hopefully there will be a sign up form on that blog (POWER POINT: When you are targeting one specific breed of dog it is still a wide or broad niche. So, you can provide all kinds of information to your visitor. Therefore why not give him that information in a newsletter and provide other items he will purchase later. This is a must not a maybe (END POWER POINT).

There you are at the blog again as the newsletter came today and you are just overjoyed. And there they are the collars you were looking at the other day at a great discount price. Don’t they look marvelous! You begin to imagine your puppy running around playing with that fluffy toy over there in the corner. And lastly there’s that beautiful dog bed and in your mind you can just see him all curled up asleep, so you go ahead and get it all for him. You don’t even care how much it costs.

Lingering a little bit more to make sure you haven’t missed anything, you read the latest tips on deworming and what products are the best to use for deworming. and then peruse the items for sale just to make sure you didn’t miss the discounts that are on now and not later. You pick up the deworming product even though it is not on sale just because you need it.

You justify your buying spree in your mind by telling yourself you are taking care of the tiny puppy and after all who else does he have.

You know that you are enjoying the process of buying your puppy the things he needs and it feels good after all, and every time you do it it is pleasurable. Yes, it feels good and I like that feeling.

As you meet other dog lovers and listen to their recommendations and what they do for their dogs, you feel the urge to hurry back to that discount blog and see if you can find some of those items too.

(POWER POINT: First time purchases are usually what we call “impulse”. You can fan the flame of that impulse purchase on your own site or blog. The newsletter is designed to push that kind of purchase and buyer into a relationship that will last as long time and give you a recurring income that streams in regularly to your bank account– this is how pleasure bring you sales! You work on giving people the initial impulse to buy and then feed them more pleasurable ideas and items they can also buy from you. (END POWER POINT)

TODAYS TASK: So lets think about your niche. Have you chosen something that will work well with pleasure seekers? Do you need to re-evaluate or work on drilling your niche down to something more specific? Today think about either picking a more appropriate niche or finding a SPECIFIC in your own niche that you can target better.

Not every niche will be perfect for a blog page (we call this a landing page) or a squeeze page (where you’re prospect can sign up for a newsletter or a free report) and it might be that you originally picked a niche like that. If you would like to continue on with that niche, we are going to talk about direct linking next and your niche might be perfect for direct linking so stay tuned. Keeping those ideas of Passion and Pain in mind!

If you find it strange that I am not going on a daily basis I understand but I have found in the past that one day is not enough time for people to think through and make decisions. This may go longer then 30 days but I’d rather people work each step out in full before moving forward then get discouraged and quit because its too fast and they can’t keep up.

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Cash In A Flash Goal: To Get At Least $50 a Day In Paypal.

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Post 4, 30 Day Cash In a Flash Challenge, Examples of The Motivator’s Pleasure and Pain

Day Four: Cash In A Flash Challenge, The Motivators of Pain and Pleasure!: http://cmkoch.bizSo, are you ready to put yourself in your prospects shoes? Let’s create an example of pain and pleasure that our perfect prospect may encounter. It’s a good thing to do because then we will understand why both of these emotions are such strong drivers that force a person to act. We need to see how they work together when a prospect is trying to make a decision to buy something. Think about it, if your prospect is in pain and you send him something full of hype that doesn’t work just to get the sale where he will go next? That is right, he will go to somebody elses list or membership. We must understand and choose our products carefully.

Example 1: You feel your heart racing and you are certain you are having a heart attack. You try to get a deep breath and the fear of dying has entered your mind. It is one of the worst hours of your whole life, but then the pain suddenly goes away. Still though you are scared to death that you might die if the problem returns.

It’s midnight friday and every doctor’s office is closed. If you go to the emergency room they will look at you funny since you are not sick anymore. You begin your online search putting the symptoms in the search at google hoping to find out it was really nothing at all.

You don’t know it yet, but that was a panic attack. You don’t uncover anything inparticular so you make an appointment for 1 month later at the doctors office and go your merry way.

Later, you find an eBook or written newsletter online that gives you great advice about the exact symptoms you encountered and it also tells you what to do in order to ensure you never experience the problem again. What a sense of relief you feel.

The book or information also helped you validate that this really did happen to you and to many others as well, and that others followed the suggestions and had success getting rid of the problem, so you buy it immediately.

The information you find in the book is just what you needed to understand that you can be in control of the situation rather than the situation being in control of you. The emails you receive further instill in you that there is nothing to worry about. In fact, you discover that much more information is on the way. You receive it over a few months and it further solidifies your path to eliminating the problem out of your life once and for all.

As you read the information you vow to follow it and bring the serenity that you need into your life one and for all. Then you purchase other items from time to time and the emails you continue to receive offer more help then you ever could of dreamed of.

TODAYS TASK: Think About A Time When This Happened To You. Have You Ever Bought A Product In The Throws of Upsetment? Try to feel the emotions, the pain and the relief you experienced. We are going to try to duplicate the experience of relief and pleasure and give it now to our prospect as a gift. It is important that you do this exercise if you will do it you will reap a lifetime of rewards. Tomorrow we will have another example and then we will talk about landing pages. You need to have your niche in mind.

Now Keep moving forward strong and don’t lose heart remember always that we are working on a goal of $50.00 a day or more and experiencing that makes the process all worth while.

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Cash In A Flash Goal: To Get At Least $50 a Day In Paypal.

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Post 3, 30 Day Cash In A Flash 30 Day Challenge, Psychology of Pain and Pleasure, Evolving Into Something Sustainable

Day Three: Cash In A Flash Challenge, The Psychology of Pain and Pleasure!: http://cmkoch.bizJust a Quick Note about what is more important then Instant Cash. Of course this challenge is all about making instant affiliate cash but I also want you to think bigger then instant payments – the sign of a healthy business is to create something that you can hold on to for life and done correctly, that usually means a responsive mailing list or a membership and hopefully whichever you choose to evolve into will have buyers in it or coming to it.

Two things drive human behavior: avoiding the pain we discussed and seeking pleasure. Between the two, and for the purpose of marketing, we find seeking pleasure is more important then trying to avoid pain. Thats because we people despise pain and actually savor pleasure (or whatever your passion is).

It’s also pressing for you to understand something else when you are preparing to market a product online. Most people make split second decisions when it comes to ending pain and finding pleasure. For example, whatever we hope will give us instant perminent relief rather then just surviving through our pain is what we will chose in order to gain long term pleasure.

This means that prospects will buy based on their impression of what the product will do for them and whether or not they can get that boost of long time pleasure and relief from their pain. Perception is always more important to a person looking for relief or pleasure then reality. People will buy based on what they believe will happen if they do.

It’s not actual pain that spurs us on, instead fear of pain, but sometimes health and financial issues are an exception to that rule. Similarly, it’s not actual pleasure that spurs us on but believing that doing something wil give us immediate pleasure.

What your prospect will believe from reading your salesletter is what you need think about when you set up your pre-sell page and call to action. Get this right and you will get your prospect to do what you want them to do.

TODAYS TASK: Decide today if you will build a list or membership (Using a optin page. You can use a free list builder or aweber.) or just do a presell page. Later we will pick our product, but since you should know your niche right now start pondering how you will make that salesletter, optin page, presell page, or video, review video pop based on what we discussed today.

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Cash In A Flash Goal: To Get At Least $50 a Day In Paypal.

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Post 2, 30 Day Cash In A Flash Challenge, Pain, Passion, Pleasure, Do You Want To Make People Happier, or Ease Their Pain?

Day Two: Cash In A Flash Challenge, Pain and Pleasure!: http://cmkoch.bizLets Talk About This So You Can Make A Decision On Your Perfect Niche of People You Would Like to Reach…

This is any subject that would lend itself to making people’s hearts beat at a rapid rate – and it isn’t just love and relationships. People usually go crazy and bizerk over stuff like their hobbies and interests, fortunately for us there’s a huge amount of instant pay products out there you can choose to promote in these areas.

It is not surprising at all, that niches such as making perfume and jewelry, taking care of your pet, body building and motabolism, as well as the infamous golf niche are so often quoted as the very best niches of all. But then, along comes Joe Shmoe telling you these niches are saturated and you might as well not try to get involved in them. That, imho (in my opinion) is nonsense, it’s a giant rumor propigated by those already making out like fat rats. These kind of rumours also pop up to stir up and get attention. The most famous of these was ‘the death of the internet.’ You will never have trouble selling in any niche as long as you are laser-targeted in your approach. We’ll get to that. Beleive me please – Passionate buyers keep buying forever and ever because they are completely obsessed with what they are buying. They never ever ever will get enough of it.

You can argue that passion is part of the relationship and dating niche but I beg to differ as the real reason people are obsessive in this niche is pain. People who are already in a relationship don’t buy these obession type products. They only buy them for 3 reasons. 1. the want a relationship, 2. they are desperate to save their relationship or 3. they are working to restore a split whether that be a split up or a devorce.

What drives people to passion? They are lonely and looking to fill a void. That is where I stop talking about Passion and go on to Pain the other reason people make a very fast purchase based on emotion. We’ve already discussed how pain pushes people into buying when it is related to the dating niche, but obessive buying in the area of pain also lends itself nicely to the area of health. In this area we think of things like backpain and ringing in the ears, but it can also be topics such as: Internet Marketing, Anxiety and panic attacks, Employment, Infertility, Baby Care, Foreclosure, Diet and weight loss, Acne, Debt. You really could consider some of these shocking niches but anything where a person cannot survive in that condition is a good niche to choose. Your buyers will buy your information as long as it will stop the pain.

TODAYS TASK: Today I want you to pick your niche. Go to Forums in Your Topic. Search forum + Niche (replace with your topic) and try to find out what problems people are experiencing. Pick something you yourself are passionate about and tomorrow we will talk more about the psychology behind the mind of the buyer. You’re doing fine won’t it be fun to have an extra $50.00 a day coming in and then building upon that? The best is yet to come.

Cash In A Flash Goal: To Get At Least $50 a Day In Paypal.

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Post 1, 30 Day Cash In A Flash Challenge, Finding People Who Are Starving For Your Information

Day one: Cash In A Flash Challenge, Finding a Starving Crowd: http://cmkoch.bizYou probably heard it before, in order to make money as an affiliate marketer you must find a hungry crowd. It is the truth! But, when you want to make money very quickly its even more inportant. Actually you need even more information then that.

This is our most important topic because if you want to promote products that pay instantly then you need to get the job of finding people who will buy instantly done ahead of time. So for today just ask yourself this question:

TODAYS TASK: What do you think it is that makes someone click on that buy button? Think about that. And then tomorrow we will delve into it a little more.  Feel Free to Leave Comments With questions and answers.
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Cash In A Flash Goal: To Get At Least $50 a Day In Paypal.

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