Post 8, 30 Day Cash In a Flash Challenge, Learn About The Instant Cash Market Places

The Marketplaces

What we will discuss today is all of the Marketplace “HUBS”. These are places online where you can find instant cash offers centralized. They are a beautiful addition to the internet marketing scene.

To help you figure out which product you want to promote the various networks will supply you with different tools, and also different ways to search for just the right product.

You also get this at every network: An Affiliate id you will use to promote the products, and an area where you can find out your statistics.

As with other affiliate programs you may have already encountered you most likely will get swipe files, ebook images, banners, keyword lists, and more. Sometimes the networks allow the vendor to provide their own affiliate tools with their products. Other times the networks will provide their own tools that can be used with all of the products in their marketplace.

The best network is one where you have an RSS feed to use. This gives you the ability to dynamically show whichever products you want to show on your site using copy and paste. This is easier if you are newer to affiliate marketing but not as effective in my humble opinion. You will love RapBank because they give you a wordpress plugin to turn the products in their marketplace into ads right on your blog.

The networks I will be providing you with are trustworthy and easy to get started with. Clickbank requires a much more tedious procedure and you will appreciate these networks because of that.

And even though these networks have not been online as long as companies such as Clickbank or Paydotcom or even Ejunky they are actually safer and here is the reason why: Both paydotcom and ejunky allow the vendor to make your payments to you so you must be careful to choose the right product with a trustworthy vendor. With Clickbank you must wait 2 weeks for a paycheck, and here there is a tiny risk of losing that pay if Clickbank should go down (this has never happened that I know of). But, with the instant payment networks this cannot happen.

There is only one thing you must be careful of and that is a rotation system some companies use for payments. This rotating payment system can cause you a delay.

In a rotating payment the vendor gets a payment, then you get a payment, then the vendor and so on like that, notice the vendor gets his payment before you do. There is a much better system and it is known as a split system, you get half, and the vendor gets half. This is instant payments at their best, and you may consider that preferable. In either case you must make refunds if a request comes through. This is a daunting task, but if we are to work on the internet we cannot get around that part no matter how much we may not like it.

Again, if you’d rather get paid fast the straight split commission method is what you want to use as an affiliate.

So Which Marketplace Should You Choose?

That’s Up To You, Read About them Here and Decide for Yourself:


• Around 1648 products.
• Instant PayPal payment.
• Free WordPress Rapbank plug-in.
• Categories such as niche marketing, health and fitness, internet marketing, dating and relationships, ect.
• They have a search bar, a vendor spotlight, a list of featured products, a list of most recently added, and a last commented list. And the most recently added list comes in email to you.
• They have a bonus section and a free report section to help you sell more and if you upgrade you get more of those items but upgrading really is not necessary unless you want to sell on Rapbank.
• You need a Premier PayPal account.

You can sign up for your free account here:

JV Zoo

• Here you will be able to sell using the split method I mentioned above. So if you are promoting something with a high payout and you get one sale, then you get the sale and can stop selling if need be.
• Although they are one of the newest networks, they are run by experts and that is a plus plus.
• Since they are not over ridden with members it is a good idea to sign up now to JV Zoo because it will be easier to promote. You’ll love the user friendliness you’ll find there.
• This company has as special program. When you promote their products every person who looks it over gets tagged to your id. This is nice because if they come back later you get the sale.
• You get sales notifications, tracking, and statistic. You get to see how many clicks and sales you made. This is critical but even more critical to your success is that you get conversion percentage and EPC for each campaign. Again, You need a Premier PayPal account.

You can sign up for your free account here:


• This is just like JV Zoo you have a split commission when you promote products from this network.
• IF you like 100% commissions look no further then DigiResults, plus the products in the DigiResults Marketplace are the highest converting products on the market.
• Andy Fletcher, A Warrior, Owns DigiResults. He improves it constantly and injects new life and ideas into the mix all the time. He is very creative.
• If good Customer Service is your priority then DigiResults is for you too. Receive responses in 24 hours.
• This is a great network to join if you are a newbie, as it is clean and friendly to navigate.
• They have a great direct receipt technology ensuring their customers receive their orders in a timely fashion.

You can sign up for free here:


• The owner of PaySpree likes to think of his network as a combination of RAP meets Paydotcom.
• Payspree doesn’t offer the amount of choices that RapBank does but it has Clickbank similar catagories and you can choose products in that manner.
• They have an extensive knowledge base and a nice customer support ticket system.
• With Payspree you can receive commission in PayPal, AlertPay (Now Payza) or Moneybookers (will be known as Skrill).
• Payspree doesn’t take a percentage of your sales, instead they charge a small service fee on every one of your sales.

Here are the fees:

Transaction Total Service Fee

Up to $4.99 Free
$5-$19 99 $1
$20 and above $2

• PaySpree has lots of 100% pay products and is expanding all the time to give you lots of choices.’

Another good marketplace and you can sign up for your free at:


WarriorPlus is a different kinda marketplace. It is a complement to the Warrior Forum,

Everyone surely has heard of the Warrior Special Offers (WSO) Section of the Warrior Forum. It is full of products to help new marketers get started online.

You can promote these WSOs and make instant affiliate payments. People generally love to buy WSOs so they are easy to sell. If you have a list it is even easier to sell a WSO. But if you don’t have a list, don’t shy away as they are still a good choice for you because of that ease of sale and the methods we will give you to promote are sufficient to turn you into an excellent warriorPlus affiliate.

If you would like to promote WSO’s become a WarriorPlus member which you can do for free by going here:

Then upgrade to Silver Membership for $3.99 per month and that will allow you to be an affiliate promoter of WSO’s.

Go to the main WarriorPlus interface and then click on the Affiliates link to find WSO’s to promote. Once in the Affiliates section you click on the View Available Offers link. Go through the offers you see there to decide if you want to promote one of them. Then in his case, you will need to request to promote the product from the creator of the product and he or she must approve you. Just a little WARNING: You must keep it in mind that it is up to you to request the OTO (or OTOs) link to the product as well, otherwise you you will not be set up to promote it and miss the oto commissions:

There is a section on the request form in WarriorPlus where you can write a note. So if you are new to the Warrior Forum it might be good to introduce yourself to the product owner and explain why you are a good choice as an affiliate.

Most vendors are looking for active forum members so it is advisable that you make quite a few posts before you ask to promote a WSO. 50 is a good number to create credibility in their eyes.
Once you are approved for an offer, you will receive notification by email. You can then go back to the Affiliates section of WarriorPlus and click on “Get Links” to access the links you will use in your promotion:

Next Time the fun begins so I will tell you now how to be prepared! You are going to discover the fastest, most effective methods for promoting any of the products in any of the networks reviewed here today. So Join the ones you find most pleasing and gather up some products. Use the software I gave you to get the product on your site as a squeeze page or a landing page. Advanced Readers! If you were thinking of getting that membership going now is the time just do it.

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    Thanks for this great info
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    very good information here…I’d never heard of that based on the rapid action profits course/system ?
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