Post 3, 30 Day Cash In A Flash 30 Day Challenge, Psychology of Pain and Pleasure, Evolving Into Something Sustainable

Day Three: Cash In A Flash Challenge, The Psychology of Pain and Pleasure!: http://cmkoch.bizJust a Quick Note about what is more important then Instant Cash. Of course this challenge is all about making instant affiliate cash but I also want you to think bigger then instant payments – the sign of a healthy business is to create something that you can hold on to for life and done correctly, that usually means a responsive mailing list or a membership and hopefully whichever you choose to evolve into will have buyers in it or coming to it.

Two things drive human behavior: avoiding the pain we discussed and seeking pleasure. Between the two, and for the purpose of marketing, we find seeking pleasure is more important then trying to avoid pain. Thats because we people despise pain and actually savor pleasure (or whatever your passion is).

It’s also pressing for you to understand something else when you are preparing to market a product online. Most people make split second decisions when it comes to ending pain and finding pleasure. For example, whatever we hope will give us instant perminent relief rather then just surviving through our pain is what we will chose in order to gain long term pleasure.

This means that prospects will buy based on their impression of what the product will do for them and whether or not they can get that boost of long time pleasure and relief from their pain. Perception is always more important to a person looking for relief or pleasure then reality. People will buy based on what they believe will happen if they do.

It’s not actual pain that spurs us on, instead fear of pain, but sometimes health and financial issues are an exception to that rule. Similarly, it’s not actual pleasure that spurs us on but believing that doing something wil give us immediate pleasure.

What your prospect will believe from reading your salesletter is what you need think about when you set up your pre-sell page and call to action. Get this right and you will get your prospect to do what you want them to do.

TODAYS TASK: Decide today if you will build a list or membership (Using a optin page. You can use a free list builder or aweber.) or just do a presell page. Later we will pick our product, but since you should know your niche right now start pondering how you will make that salesletter, optin page, presell page, or video, review video pop based on what we discussed today.

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Cash In A Flash Goal: To Get At Least $50 a Day In Paypal.

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