Post 4, 30 Day Cash In a Flash Challenge, Examples of The Motivator’s Pleasure and Pain

Day Four: Cash In A Flash Challenge, The Motivators of Pain and Pleasure!: http://cmkoch.bizSo, are you ready to put yourself in your prospects shoes? Let’s create an example of pain and pleasure that our perfect prospect may encounter. It’s a good thing to do because then we will understand why both of these emotions are such strong drivers that force a person to act. We need to see how they work together when a prospect is trying to make a decision to buy something. Think about it, if your prospect is in pain and you send him something full of hype that doesn’t work just to get the sale where he will go next? That is right, he will go to somebody elses list or membership. We must understand and choose our products carefully.

Example 1: You feel your heart racing and you are certain you are having a heart attack. You try to get a deep breath and the fear of dying has entered your mind. It is one of the worst hours of your whole life, but then the pain suddenly goes away. Still though you are scared to death that you might die if the problem returns.

It’s midnight friday and every doctor’s office is closed. If you go to the emergency room they will look at you funny since you are not sick anymore. You begin your online search putting the symptoms in the search at google hoping to find out it was really nothing at all.

You don’t know it yet, but that was a panic attack. You don’t uncover anything inparticular so you make an appointment for 1 month later at the doctors office and go your merry way.

Later, you find an eBook or written newsletter online that gives you great advice about the exact symptoms you encountered and it also tells you what to do in order to ensure you never experience the problem again. What a sense of relief you feel.

The book or information also helped you validate that this really did happen to you and to many others as well, and that others followed the suggestions and had success getting rid of the problem, so you buy it immediately.

The information you find in the book is just what you needed to understand that you can be in control of the situation rather than the situation being in control of you. The emails you receive further instill in you that there is nothing to worry about. In fact, you discover that much more information is on the way. You receive it over a few months and it further solidifies your path to eliminating the problem out of your life once and for all.

As you read the information you vow to follow it and bring the serenity that you need into your life one and for all. Then you purchase other items from time to time and the emails you continue to receive offer more help then you ever could of dreamed of.

TODAYS TASK: Think About A Time When This Happened To You. Have You Ever Bought A Product In The Throws of Upsetment? Try to feel the emotions, the pain and the relief you experienced. We are going to try to duplicate the experience of relief and pleasure and give it now to our prospect as a gift. It is important that you do this exercise if you will do it you will reap a lifetime of rewards. Tomorrow we will have another example and then we will talk about landing pages. You need to have your niche in mind.

Now Keep moving forward strong and don’t lose heart remember always that we are working on a goal of $50.00 a day or more and experiencing that makes the process all worth while.

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Cash In A Flash Goal: To Get At Least $50 a Day In Paypal.

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