Post 5, 30 Day Cash In A Flash Challenge, Pleasure, Example 2

Day Five: Cash In A Flash Challenge, Pleasure Example 2!: http://cmkoch.bizSince you recently had a divorce you find yourself feeling pretty darn lonely and for awhile friends had suggested you get a pet. One day a dear friend of yours brings over a puppy and you fall instantly in love with it and it seems to help the pain so you decide to keep it.

The Puppy quickly becomes your friend and you are so happy to have it in your life. You want to take care of your fun little friend so you begin searching the internet for things like information on health and nutrition for the specific kind of dog you now own. You decide you need to know how to train him too. Some sites say you should do things to help your pet stay clear of flees so you decide you want to know about that too.

One particular blog you looked at, had some wonderful advice and it seemed to understand just what you need (POWER POINT: A large, yet SPECIFIC niche such as this kind is what you want so you can address your visitors needs with more things that are SPECIFIC TO HIM. He’ll respond because some dog owners love their dogs more then people (END OF POWER POINT).

You start investigating the catagories on the site, follow links, and see things you like, you even sign up to get the free report they have there to see what insider information you get from it. Then you may buy a few things.

Now hopefully there will be a sign up form on that blog (POWER POINT: When you are targeting one specific breed of dog it is still a wide or broad niche. So, you can provide all kinds of information to your visitor. Therefore why not give him that information in a newsletter and provide other items he will purchase later. This is a must not a maybe (END POWER POINT).

There you are at the blog again as the newsletter came today and you are just overjoyed. And there they are the collars you were looking at the other day at a great discount price. Don’t they look marvelous! You begin to imagine your puppy running around playing with that fluffy toy over there in the corner. And lastly there’s that beautiful dog bed and in your mind you can just see him all curled up asleep, so you go ahead and get it all for him. You don’t even care how much it costs.

Lingering a little bit more to make sure you haven’t missed anything, you read the latest tips on deworming and what products are the best to use for deworming. and then peruse the items for sale just to make sure you didn’t miss the discounts that are on now and not later. You pick up the deworming product even though it is not on sale just because you need it.

You justify your buying spree in your mind by telling yourself you are taking care of the tiny puppy and after all who else does he have.

You know that you are enjoying the process of buying your puppy the things he needs and it feels good after all, and every time you do it it is pleasurable. Yes, it feels good and I like that feeling.

As you meet other dog lovers and listen to their recommendations and what they do for their dogs, you feel the urge to hurry back to that discount blog and see if you can find some of those items too.

(POWER POINT: First time purchases are usually what we call “impulse”. You can fan the flame of that impulse purchase on your own site or blog. The newsletter is designed to push that kind of purchase and buyer into a relationship that will last as long time and give you a recurring income that streams in regularly to your bank account– this is how pleasure bring you sales! You work on giving people the initial impulse to buy and then feed them more pleasurable ideas and items they can also buy from you. (END POWER POINT)

TODAYS TASK: So lets think about your niche. Have you chosen something that will work well with pleasure seekers? Do you need to re-evaluate or work on drilling your niche down to something more specific? Today think about either picking a more appropriate niche or finding a SPECIFIC in your own niche that you can target better.

Not every niche will be perfect for a blog page (we call this a landing page) or a squeeze page (where you’re prospect can sign up for a newsletter or a free report) and it might be that you originally picked a niche like that. If you would like to continue on with that niche, we are going to talk about direct linking next and your niche might be perfect for direct linking so stay tuned. Keeping those ideas of Passion and Pain in mind!

If you find it strange that I am not going on a daily basis I understand but I have found in the past that one day is not enough time for people to think through and make decisions. This may go longer then 30 days but I’d rather people work each step out in full before moving forward then get discouraged and quit because its too fast and they can’t keep up.

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  1. Ade says:

    You are sharing some good stuff here Claire. A lot of people advise you focus on pain points rather than pleasure but dealing with people’s pain is not for everyone. I have often worried about the responsibility of having to solve someones pain. If you are talking to people about things that they are passionate about or a hobby, you will probably find it more enjoyable, especially if you have a similar interest.
    Ade recently posted..Is Twitter A Waste Of Time ?My Profile

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