Post 6, 30 Day Cash In A Flash Challenge Direct Linking vs. Landing Pages

Day Six: Cash In A Flash Challenge, Direct Linking Vs. Landing Pages!: http://cmkoch.bizLot’s of people like to carry on about a certain way to do affiliate marketing as if its a new phenominon. They say things like “Direct Linking” just immerged and its taking affiliate marketing to a new level. But the truth be told direct linking has always been around.

It did take a hit when Google banned it from it’s adsense program many moons ago. This was when adsense first immerged, but really that was the only time it sort of disappeared for a little while. But if you are dealing in google adsense this is no reason to fear. All you need to know is that Google doesn’t like to see an offerer just sitting there in the middle of their links with no content above it or around it. If you remember content is king when it comes to Goodle adsense you have nothing to worry about.

So ok, now you are wondering what direct linking really is, right? It’s simple, it’s when your prospect follows your lead to visit something they find enticing and instead of landing on a landing page with content on it, they go straight to the affiliate page with no effort on the part of the advertiser to capture their email information. If you’ve been around internet marketing for some time you will know that most teachers tell their students this… BUILD A LIST, BUILD A LIST BUILD A LIST and therefore always use a landing page. While this is great advice and mostly always the right thing to do they neglect to advise the learner that some niches just stand a better chance at being successful if they are direct linked instead.

Additionally, direct linking is a great way to test an offer before you build a landing page and link it to an autoresponder. I personally recommend you do a direct linking campaign every time to start to work in a new niche just to make sure the niche is worthwhile to you. Some Niches just will never make money for anyone and sadly thats just the way it is.

If you are direct linking say from an article, then you are going to write the article and your resource box (the call to action) in such a way so that your reader knows he’s to buy when he gets to the next page.
And here is how you do that: decide to write your resource box in an empathetic way keeping in mind pain, pleasure and emotional triggers present in the situation that would cause your prospect to go on and click that buy button and get complete satisfation. I.e relief from pain, the sensation of happiness etc.

Products that offer hope and relief to a difficult to handle health situation such as sleeplessness, warts, yeast infections, cellulitis etc, get much more action (sales) when you use direct linking. Here are some ways you can presell and then get people to click on a direct link besides submitting articles: forum posting, blog content, social media work and its especially easy to lead someone to buy something when you presell with video’s. They can read or see someone empathizing with their pain and get immediate solutions and relief simply but clicking once. It is a win, win situation.

At other times, when trying to sell similar items via autoresponder sales slowed. I do not know the reason for this except that the pain is so great they cannot focus or even spend time waiting for the next email to arrive. Again, no matter what niche you choose test for yourself and do what is best for you.

Just think about the times you have been in pain, and imagine someone with ringing in the ears for example. When it hurts it hurts, you want help now, you do not want to wonder when someone is going to finally reveal the link to you. Direct Linking fulfills the need immediately. But also keep in mind that if this solution doesn’t work you’ve probably lost them forever. That’s the risk we sometimes have to take though. So be smart about your Niche and the solution you offer them.

Here is a wonderful topic in this areana: STRESS. In the STRESS NICHE we find many many different products we can promote: relaxing music, physical amazon products, ebooks and more. You will find the niches of food, exercise, and meditation complimentary. That is just one example there are many niches just like stress.

The stress niche and niches similar to stress lend themselves better to a landing page and a email list because these niches can be expanded upon so easily and you can just continue to feed your customer more and more information and products to buy as time goes on.

Don’t forget to cloak your affilaite links if you don’t you will lose many commissions to your competitors. Many people use a company named (Now which offers nice tracking facilities as well. Third party cloaking is not always the best way to go. It probably is a better idea to set up a domain name to redirect to your affiliate program sales page. To learn how to redirect or forward your domain, consult your hosting provider’s support section as each has its own steps to follow.

TODAYS TASK: Decide today if you will use a landing page, squeeze page or direct linking for your chosen niche. Those of you who are experienced in content creation should consider building a membership site and start earning residual income. We will delve into membership sites in greater detail at a later time.

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Cash In A Flash Goal: To Get At Least $50 a Day In Paypal.

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