Post 7: 30 Day Cash In a Flash Challenge: There Are Other Reasons People Buy Look Here For Some: Persuasion and Its Power

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Today We Are Going To Talk About Some Other Reasons Why People Buy. But Tomorrow We Will Be Looking At the Marketplaces Where You can Go To Get Affiliate Products So Be Sure To Stop By.

Have you ever looked into the psychology of influence and how it pertains to making sales? I think everyone has heard of Dr. Robert Cialdini who wrote the most influential book on it called: “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.”

Cialdini took 30 years to study how people are persuaded and influenced to do things. He states 6 Important principles you need to know before you start to sell anything:

1. Reciprocation: People are indebted to you if you give them something or at least they feel indebted, it doesn’t matter if it is a gift, a good time or something you did to make them feel good.

2. Social Proof: People will look to other people in their age group when trying to decide something – they like the lowdown on what the crowd is doing before hand and to participate in the same way.

3. Commitment & Consistency: People normally do not like to back out if they agree to do something it doesn’t matter what that is. Get someone to agree to something either verbally or in writing and they will most likely do it.

Marketers are a odd group, the older we get the more consistent we get! So in order to get us older marketers into a buying state of mind, you really have to know our old values when making purchases and integrate them in the new ones you are banking on working for the newer crowds. It can be a tough call. That is why many marketers rely on statistics as who the niche is drawing before they make their first moves on marketing. Remember that its important.

4. Liking: If people like you they will usually agree with you. Most people also prefer attractive people (Sad to say), they like someone like themselves or someone who is a compliment to them in some way.

Cialdini even went so far as to say that if a buyers name was similar to the sellers it increases the chance of a sale. This means the more you give your buyers messages they can relate to and be comfortable around the greater your chances of making the sale will be. In other words, know your buyer and do what your buyer likes. Use pictures, words, quotes, and music to accomplish this.

5. Authority: People Like Authority and they Especially Like and RESPECT Experts. This means you must use authoritative images and words as well as testimonials in your marketing. If you do you will see your sales figures sky rocket.

6. Scarcity: If something seems like it is going to disappear quickly or is very old and a rare find people want it badly, the more people want it the greater its value becomes.. So, you’ve got to get scarcity into your marketing efforts. Here is how marketers use scarcity: (1) limited quantities (2) limited time period (3) Limited time price, then increases periodically. Here’s what to do after you are done telling the benefits on your salespage, you then go on to tell the potential for loss. Here’s an example of this: ‘Hurry or you might miss this one time chance to…’. If you have a product no one else does this can get very dramatic and really increase sales quickly.

TODAYS TASK: You are going to need to remember this as you prepare your landing pages and squeeze pages (optin pages) so memorize it now inorder that you never forget it ever again. This way your marketing tactics will always get you sales. By now you should have your micro niche (Specific niche) and have prepared yourself to get started. Now you have your software. If you missed it look above at the red writing. You want to do some research about putting up a website online, choosing whether you will go free or buy a domain and hosting. Look in youtube about “how to put up a html website”. Get those things in order because we are about to choose our product.

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  1. Ade says:

    I’ve read this book a couple of times (and his other one..50 ways…). They are both excellent. I think the issue for most marketers is to apply these persuasion tactics in an original way. Most of the ways that people apply scarcity, authority, reciprocity and even social proof and liking are a bit cliched, especially in the IM space. I have to chuckle whenever I see a doctor with a stethoscope draped nonchalantly round his neck on a TV ad….promoting a muesli bar or a diet pill.
    Ade recently posted..Building A Robust Business With Real Authority Sites – Interview with William AllenMy Profile

  2. Residing in Aberdeenshire, Its refreshing to find useful info on a website that is focused on producing/publishing good content. Thank you.
    principles of marketing recently posted..1My Profile

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