Post 2, 30 Day Cash In A Flash Challenge, Pain, Passion, Pleasure, Do You Want To Make People Happier, or Ease Their Pain?

Day Two: Cash In A Flash Challenge, Pain and Pleasure!: http://cmkoch.bizLets Talk About This So You Can Make A Decision On Your Perfect Niche of People You Would Like to Reach…

This is any subject that would lend itself to making people’s hearts beat at a rapid rate – and it isn’t just love and relationships. People usually go crazy and bizerk over stuff like their hobbies and interests, fortunately for us there’s a huge amount of instant pay products out there you can choose to promote in these areas.

It is not surprising at all, that niches such as making perfume and jewelry, taking care of your pet, body building and motabolism, as well as the infamous golf niche are so often quoted as the very best niches of all. But then, along comes Joe Shmoe telling you these niches are saturated and you might as well not try to get involved in them. That, imho (in my opinion) is nonsense, it’s a giant rumor propigated by those already making out like fat rats. These kind of rumours also pop up to stir up and get attention. The most famous of these was β€˜the death of the internet.’ You will never have trouble selling in any niche as long as you are laser-targeted in your approach. We’ll get to that. Beleive me please – Passionate buyers keep buying forever and ever because they are completely obsessed with what they are buying. They never ever ever will get enough of it.

You can argue that passion is part of the relationship and dating niche but I beg to differ as the real reason people are obsessive in this niche is pain. People who are already in a relationship don’t buy these obession type products. They only buy them for 3 reasons. 1. the want a relationship, 2. they are desperate to save their relationship or 3. they are working to restore a split whether that be a split up or a devorce.

What drives people to passion? They are lonely and looking to fill a void. That is where I stop talking about Passion and go on to Pain the other reason people make a very fast purchase based on emotion. We’ve already discussed how pain pushes people into buying when it is related to the dating niche, but obessive buying in the area of pain also lends itself nicely to the area of health. In this area we think of things like backpain and ringing in the ears, but it can also be topics such as: Internet Marketing, Anxiety and panic attacks, Employment, Infertility, Baby Care, Foreclosure, Diet and weight loss, Acne, Debt. You really could consider some of these shocking niches but anything where a person cannot survive in that condition is a good niche to choose. Your buyers will buy your information as long as it will stop the pain.

TODAYS TASK: Today I want you to pick your niche. Go to Forums in Your Topic. Search forum + Niche (replace with your topic) and try to find out what problems people are experiencing. Pick something you yourself are passionate about and tomorrow we will talk more about the psychology behind the mind of the buyer. You’re doing fine won’t it be fun to have an extra $50.00 a day coming in and then building upon that? The best is yet to come.

Cash In A Flash Goal: To Get At Least $50 a Day In Paypal.

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  1. Paul Conway says:

    Hey Clare

    Interesting follow up article. You are so right pointing out that passion is a key factor when it comes to niche marketing.

    These type of buyers will continue to buy from you if you put offers in front of them. They are without a doubt rabid buyers. Which is great for us marketers πŸ™‚

    Paul Conway recently posted..Article Marketing | Niche MarketingMy Profile

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