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Video Marketing

When we think of video marketing we usually think of YouTube. As we all know YouTube marketers can get a very very large amounts of traffic. Nielsen figures tell us that 50 billion video’s are streaming out of America in their latest recorded month, and video viewing is up 35%. Mobile video viewing is up 20%

35 hours of video is being uploaded every minute and that is causing a huge amount of competition. Think about that! By the time you finish this competition enough video is uploaded to keep you busy viewing for near a year.

So I guess you are wondering how video marketing can help you make money with your instant pay affiliate programs?

Well, to start with you are going to have to create some AMAZING CONTENT for your videos. Each video is going to have to use focus on pleasure, pain, and persuasion. We talked about these topics in the beginning of the challenge. Whatever you do don’t forget Cialdini’s principles. Let’s get our video viewer to pleasure by empathizing with their pain then supplying solutions that create pleasure instead. Or we want to lead them into their passions.

Now video’s are perfect for affiliate marketing because they pre-sell the product. When you send your video viewer from the video to the product’s sales page, you give them that solution they so desperately seek and on that sales page there is the buy button your video viewer needs. That’s why video’s are such an awesome marketing tool. They provide pleasure and by the time your video viewer gets to the sales page they are more ready to click. That’s just the way we humans are made up pleasure seeks more pleasure.

Here is one example of how you can pre-sell using video’s: Do a series of videos which contain a tip on ‘How To Something’ but point them all to the same exact website sales page. Depending on your topic each of these short videos can give good information and if they optin to your list you can provide them with a bigger video with a LOT MORE TIPS or a very very valuable free report.

Right, now lets talk about what kind of content you can put in a video that would be luring enough to get your video viewer to click through to your site. What is that particular prospect looking for? This task should be easier for us then most because we under stand pain, pleasure, passion and persuasion.

Just think for a moment about who the crowd is we are trying to lure in (and if there is any crossover) and then give them the information that provides a solution. While we want to talk our reader into taking action, we never want to offer them the very best solution in the pre-sell. Instead, save that for the product itself.

Encourage your video viewer into wanting more but never give them what they want until they’ve given you the desired action YOU are looking for (The click on the paypal button).

So, the art is to identify what solution your prospect really requires and that means taking a little time to go that bit deeper into their true motivations. I promise it will pay off in terms of those click-throughs and purchases.

If, for example, I am in the weight loss niche and promoting a diet product, I need to think about all the reasons people want to lose weight and the pay-off they expect from doing so. Those reasons could include:
•Needing to look more attractive for their spouse
•Needing to lose weight due to a health concern
•Needing to feel better about themselves when they look in th mirror
•Needing to resemble themselves at a younger age to fit back into prized clothes
•Needing to be attractive to be more successful
•Desiring pregnancy (think about it *-)
•Wanting to look great for a wedding
•Desiring a healthier lifestyle
•Trying to win back an ex
•Wanting people to treat them better


But what is important to remember about this list is that people who desire these kind of changes are having emotional issues and even fears and turning their emotional wants and desires around all stems on whether or not they can change how they look. With this customer you must address the fear with a solution to their emotional desires.

So here is what you will do with your video (adjust this to your niche). Just create a video that identifies with the fear and give the viewer positive images of the desired result then tell them how your product can produce these same results. You can use images or words, but you must paint a picture in your prospects mind of the change actually happening for them.

Since we started in the weight loss niche, let’s talk about the avenue someone takes to get that desire which is “DIETS”, and for an example of how this works, let us use “appealing to the opposite sex” as the motivation. In order to find the man or woman of their dreams this person will want to turn back into a happy, young, thin person again. Now already it is obvious we are going to be targeting older men and/or women say early 30’s and even men and women in their late 60’s and 70’s. This is a very broad niche and it might be hard to rank. So, you will need to drill down to a narrower niche and to do that you simply scout out forums as before to see what people are talking about. This can be also be done in facebook and in other social media which we will get to in a bit.

Here’s an examle of what you might find if you do this. You might surmize from the forum posts that your niche is actually smaller then I suggested above and its mostly women age 42 to 53 (remember this is just an example)! If you don’t get enough information search google for “niche demographics”.

As you know conversation is the spice of the web so listen with both ears when you are on these excursions and you will be surprised what else you will learn. There are a lot of things you can find this way. Here’s examples of what you may find, “who is cooking at home most of the time”, “who eats out and needs special dieting instructions”, etc.

Making Your Video

Thats a lot of good information so how about creating a series of video’s about cooking 5 minute healthy meals that can be packed and taken with for busy working women on the go. Focus too on how these recipes help not only the weight issues but also the health issues both inside the body and outside as well.
Do you see how you are covering all basis and giving your reader a healthy weight loss product as well.

Creating video’s also requires research:

•Search Magazines
•PLR (make sure it is high quality) try for inexpensive pieces.
•Books (go to the library!)
•Search the Search Engines
•Search Ezine Articles at

You do not EVER COPY, but it is a technique used by all good copywriters called (Sourcing). You simply use the ideas and create your own copy. Sourcing for free pictures is your next step and here are two good sites.

You must check the license at these sites just make sure it tells you that you may use them for anything you wish including commercial and that a link back is not required.

So let me see if I can help you do this as well. Lets look for the foods that support weight loss but also help the skin look more healthy as well. Here’s a list of what I found in a real quick search:


Now its one thing to find it but you also need to provide social proof so gather up some pictures from the sites recommend and show young women who are thin with fresh skin (use your chosen demographic area), and choose authority figures if possible. People enjoy it when they see authority figures proving it can happen with just a little time and work. These ideas come from the principles of influence we talked about before.

More Information About Making Your Video

Use Window’s Movie Maker to actually create your video, it is free to put together the influencing text along with the pictures. Encourage your viewer into buying by providing what they desire. And in return they will click the link in your description at youtube. Reciprocation in play. You give them what they want and they will give you what you want.

Add a voiceover if you like (again a younger woman speaking for the demographic) or just play very appropriate music. It is always nice when I hear music playing very softly in the background while someone is actually speaking to me. I love video’s like that. I’m sure others will too.

Now I upload to youtube and optimize the video (explanation coming soon). At youtube we need what marketers have used for centuries… A CALL TO ACTION; for example: “Click here for the underground secrets of quick and easy weightloss”, and then you want to make sure there’s a link there to your landing or squeeze page. A squeeze page is preferable in this case because this niche can be expanded upon and it is very lucrative. So use the squeeze page software I suggested to you if you decide to try the weightloss niche.

You can also create credibility for yourself by doing a case study video of the product in use. It is always nice for the buyer when they know the claims come from someone who has already tried it. You can make the video using a software called jing, and use a microphone while showing someone on the screen how it actually works. You cannot give away too much of the originators work or break any copyrights but case-study’s are an industry standard and people love them. By doing a casestudy you get your audience excited to try it also and at the same time they will be reassuranced that their money will be wisely spent.

As added value you can even tell your video audience how you used the product more effectively then even the author suggests. Again, you have the upper hand because this is a tip that should cost them money but you gave it freely, and they in return they will be more inclined to return the favor (the law of reciprocity).

The best reviews come from you actually trying out a product, however some vendors supply many tools to affiliates you can use. In addition to that I would do further research online for your source files and use that in your review as appropriate (remember plagarism is a BIG NO NO)

Many marketers create great reviews from the products sales page using facts that add value. Facts are also for authority, and getting people to jump from your call to action into a purchase.

Need a more stable screencast software try camtasia. It comes with a free month. (paid) and an old standby for recording your screen is (also free). Screenflow (for Mac users): (unfortunately it is paid only).

Lastly there is a 3rd way to do videos and may be the best as it gets people’s attention. This is interview or talking heads style. (you go on camera in this case) Don’t panic, you can easily get a friend to do this or hire someone from fiverr (but do make sure they adhere to youtubes rules).

This kind of video is human! If your prospect can see you somehow they relate better to you and believe you more. And talking heads videos tend to viral more often as well. Lots of views mean lots of sales.
When you record your video act as if you’re talking to your friend, or a little sister that you really really really care about. Be clear and sympathetic. How many times has a friend acted upon your recommendation? That is the kind of power you have by doing a talking head video. They listen, they see your sincereity and they act upon it. Done deal.

A great way to do a talking head video is to do a few tips about how the product works. You can start your talking head video by saying something like, “Most people don’t know this but…”

This may go without saying, but please make a note of it anyway, (lol) before you do a talking head video about weight loss, if you yourself are overweight you might not be the best person to do the video and simply do not hire a friend or overweight person from fiverr either. Let’s face it that is why models are hired skinny. If this becomes a real issue then slide video’s using stock images and great text with soft music and a nice voice is the better way to go.

keeping in mind pain and pleasure, lets move on…

Cameras for talking head videos:

Kodak Playsport ZX5 -$109 – $149 approx.
Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera – ever heard of: “Flip Video”? this way better… -approx $115
Sony Bloggie Touch -8 hr cam for $199 approx.

Sony DXG A80V -$299 approx.
HDR-CX130 Sony Handycam Camcorder -approx $500
Canon XA10 HD professional camcorder (this bad boy can run you around $2000…phew nice but wow)


Video Optimization Ad Promotion, A few Thing That Might Surprise You:

Video’s Are Super Good at getting Google Love and They Can And Usually Do Land On The Front Page of Google while your blogs might not. But they need to be optimized and I am going to help you do that.

Top Tips for Optimizing Video’s so They Reach The Top of Google:

1. Use your top keywords in the title of your video seperated by a up down line (your keyboard actually has a key that does this) then name your video and your youtube account the main keyword, your keywords have to be relevant to the topic of course, for example: Fast and Easy Weight Loss, My Top Ten Tips For Weightloss, Eat and Lose Weight.

2. Use Tags – Check other video’s for tags under the keyword you are using as your top keyword.

3. Have a very long description full of keywords, tags and information that can get you listed in the search engines in a few places not just under the one keyword you chose. Also put your url as the first thing in the description and also put it at the end so someone reading this can just click through.

4. Make sure your video’s are public and that you can get comments on them– you want people to comment so that your video becomes very active. The more discussion that takes place, the more youtube loves it and this pushes your video higher on youtube. But also consider that you be more likely to get google love from this as well. An active video discussion is a video getting views. Remember that.

The You Tube Task Everybody Needs to Do:

You do want to do video responses and keep youtube active. YouTube is as much a social site as a video hosting company and they want you to interact with others in your catagory and why not, this gets you a LOT of Exposure.

Here’s how I do video responses effectively:

1. Find a video in your topic with a huge amount of views 5, 6 figure.

2. Click on More Comments.

3. Click on Create a Video Response.

4. Upload a video or use one you have on youtube already.

5. Click on the link and keep this in mind: Your video can only be used once so be selective.

Do this because it is FAST, EFFECTIVE, TRAFFIC to your videos.

YouTube Annotations

Its amazing that more people don’t know this but you can add clickable annotations to your video’s and they will stay on your video for a certain length of time that you control. Yes, Its true. I’m letting the cat out of the bag, annotations promote your other video’s, your playlist and your youtube channel. This is an awesome way to get all your video’s some youtube love.

It’s easy to create an annotation. Just go into youtube and go to your video and you will see the annotation button right above it. When you click there a menu will drop down with the following list

Speech bubbles: popup bubbles with text you insert.
Notes: popup boxes with text you insert.
Title: text overlay as your video title
Spotlight: a highlight! when the viewer moves it text pops up.
Pause: pause the video for a period of time at a specified spot in the video.

another way you can use annotations is to update your video if something changes, thus eliminating your need to create a whole new one. If someone shares your video or you put it on your site or facebook that annotation goes with it, how cool is that!

YouTube Ads

I don’t know why more people don’t use You Tube Ads as you can get keyword targeted visitors and see your youtube ads skyrocket.

It is really the same as any ad network out there and bidding on keywords is just a simple to do. Since Google took over youtube you can bid on keywords right in the adwords admin. You can reach 89% of all population and you pay only if someone views your video.

Sign up for free here if you would like to:

Using these same ads turns your videos into “Promoted Videos” this is HUGE. You’ve seen them right. When you first go on youtube look to the right. Imagine seeing your own video there. Well you could for real!

With paid ads you get the advantage of a what they call a ‘CTA’ or ‘call to action’ ad overlay. This is POWERFUL because your viewer can click right through to your ad right from the video he is watching. Your video!!

Let me give you an example of how powerful this is: If you insert one of the search terms we’ve already talked about into youtube right from the home page, you can see weight loss video’s being promoted on the left side of the youtube page for yourself.

When you go there and click on these video’s you’ll see amazing statistics for these videos, statistics about subscribers and views, statistics just like this: 368,938 subscribers and 68,278,337 views, YIKKEES.

Here’s how someone advertising video’s with youetube paid ads sets up his video channel and how you should too: When someone decides to take advantage of the paid ads on youtube, they will usually be prepared because they know traffic iscoming. They will have many videos in their channel and all of them well optimized and they always always always will have links to their blog and social media This is a great way to intigrate all your marketing efforts together and let youtube be the fuel.

If you get traffic like I just described you’ll be cashin big time and the real treat is that with paid ads it just grows bigger and bigger with time and so does your business and the income it pulls in. Grow a subscriber list with this traffic and wow you’ll be amazed every time you send an email.

Now you have the secret but will you use it until you have enough subscribers to live rather comfortably? It is up to you my friend..

Other Ways To Get Visitor’s To Your Video’s Quickly

1. Add video to facebook, the same ones you’ve already listed on youtube! We’ll share more of this later.

2. Tweet your same video and send it to stumbleupon. Stumbleupon gets more traffic now then facebook so don’t pass it by just because no one is talking to much about it.

3. Use Tube Mogul to send your already created video’s to other video sharing sites. (ensuring you comply with their commercial use terms)

in conclusion here are some other sites like youtube:

To DO: I gave you plenty of time to get a forum campaign going but now you have another form of advertising. Since youtube is so powerful I suggest you get started today. In a few days we’ll be discussing Solo ads. So stay tuned.

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