Post 9, 30 Days Cash In A Flash Challenge, Forum Marketing – #1 of The Fast Effective Promotion Methods

Forum Marketing

You might think I am crazy for suggesting that you use the old stand by forum marketing, but truth be told it just works well, and in fact, it works even better today then it ever did before and this just goes to show the power of this method.

So why is it a more effective method today than ever before?

That’s simple – it is person to person interaction and displays feelings, just like social media, when you hang around with someone for awhile you feel comfortable buying from them.

So what are you waiting for? find and join some forums that are about your chosen niche and start interacting. Just make sure you follow the rules. Here’s what to do….

First check and make sure the forum allows commercial link posting and advertising and then dig a little deeper and be absolutely positive that it is general advertising and not just postings
related to the forum. That is extremely important.

You want to start to build relationships with your fellow forum members. You must understand your topic and always keep in mind that your fellow forum marketers are enthusiastic about that topic and some
are even completely passionate. You must be passionate as well.

Your fellow forum members are trying to increase their knowledge about the subject they adore. So be warned, if you can help them find out something new and exciting about that niche then you’ll be a friend for life.

Depending on your topic, you might find them trying to solve a problem. And if you think about our training so far you’ll understand that you’ve found your magic spot for desperation. Where there are desperate people there is great affiliate income.

There are forums for every niche topic you can think of and if you want to jump into body building then you might love the forum at This is a great example of a forum that has been around since the mid 1990’s and it has more then 200,000 members posting about body building information. They talk about training programs, supplements and powders and if you look closely you’ll even see some talking about anti aging.

You will see members putting relevant to the topic links in their signature over at this forum and that is because it is allowed. And there you have the trick to forum marketing. If you share good information, tips and advice in what you write and in the signature you will find yourself making sales. But never ever put an affiliate link in your main content. If you try that you will be sorry as forum members despise that and they will report you and you may get banned from the forum. Be someone people can trust and you will be a great forum marketer.

Here’s how to forum market effectively. Participate for a little while before you put a link in your signature file. When you do finally put your link in make sure that it fits in with this discussions there and it is something that will add value to the other participants lives.

Be absolutely certain you’ve carefully read the rules because some forums even require you to make a set amount of posts before you can add your signature link. As a general rule, you’ll want to link to your landing page when you are doing forum marketing rather than a direct link because the forums want a link to a personal webpage and usually don’t allow affiliate links.

Pick a niche and then start participating in the forums while you are trying to find your instant pay programs and beginning to place them on your blog along with good information. Spend just a few days getting those first important posts on the forum as well and then place a signature file. Then look out because your income could very well explode.

Let’s talk about methods for finding these niche forums:

1. Google it – in the Google search bar type “name of your niche” + forum. You’ll see every every forum in your niche pop up …just about. Follow the links and investigate as we spoke about above and see which ones are a good fit for you.

If you would like to install the Google toolbar you can search by page rank. Google ranks pages from 0-10, the higher the number the more active you will find your forum to be. You can also use the Google toolbar to filter where the sites rank in alexa (a search engine that measures site traffic) and if you have a lot of energy stored up search the member count of each forum from the Google toolbar as well.

Forums are all built by special software on the internet and you can find forums by searching for each individual type of software. Start this type of search by pasting this string into the search area at Google: “powered by [insert name of software]”. Try these types of software Vbulletin, PHPBB and SMF and then search Google for other types as well.

SMF and PHPBB are free, Vbulletin is paid but still very popular. You might just want to stick with Vbulletin if you are looking for very large forums because it is the stable platform the larger forums need to run efficiently. In that case your search would be: “powered by Vbulletin” “NAME OF YOUR NICHE”.

There is a slight chance, that in these larger forums your particular niche might be saturated so check to see how many other people have signatures. If you find this to be true I would be surprised but be diligent in making sure you will get the sales and not spend your time spinning your wheels.

2. There are super boards online that list all kinds of forums in niches and going to one of these super boards is another way to search for a forum on your topic. Directory sites like these give you extra information about each forum and that might be easier for you then searching through the forums for every little detail.

Some of these forum boards include:

The best advice I can give you is BE INTERACTIVE and sometimes shocking, other time INSPIRING, make your fellow forum members cry and laugh without being hypish or crude and be careful not to pick a fight or get angry in a forum. It is very easy for this to happen and then you lose all your credibility as nobody likes a meany or a bully. Do these things correctly and you’ll get more targeted traffic to your offers from real people then you could ever imagine!

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